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The mysterious case of the breast enlargement scar and knee pain

This was brought to my attention, and indeed, received comments galore after it was posted on a social media platform;

‘HAHAHAH! This got me buzzing yesterday in clinic. Female, mid 50s, avid runner comes to see me for bilateral knee pain when running. Quads were mega jacked up! Super tight. Found the quads were weak! Nothing stood out in her history and she’d been following a progressive program with running, so programming and equipment wasn’t the issue. It was her boob job scars! They were causing all the issues!!! Temporary correction relieves her knee pain. Further testing revealed it was the left sided scar screwing things up. So left boob scar gets the treatment!’

Okay, I imagine the majority of people reading this, as I did initially thought ‘well that’s odd’. However, it was not the scar versus bilateral knee pain it was ‘temporary correction and boob scar get’s the treatment’. As you may imagine this attracted numerous comments, the majority incredulous at what has happened in this session. Further explanations were forthcoming;

History and movement testing. Temporary scar work relieves bilateral knee pain. Check the work. Still no problems, fully correct the scar. I was hands off and no flesh was exposed. She did the palpating’.

Now I am thinking, other than the obvious, let’s get back to the knee pain, where is the explanation of what was happening from a biomechanical perspective, (following a progressive program but no information about strength and conditioning program), we have weak quads’ that are very tight, would a graded exercise plan not be more appropriate in this instance as the last time I saw a programme concerning cosmetic surgery the scars are quite minimal and as at the time of writing this can find no evidence to the same.

So how does the individual concerned know thisI invest a lot into geeking up-courses, books, articles, a LOT with hiring top therapists/ practitioners arou d the world via Skype to learn from them. Chiros, physios, massage therapists, TCM, personal trainers, etc. I Skype with then to learn. Some stuff is newly developed and the practitioners are either waiting for supporting research/ its their own developments, ao proprietary stuff that I’ve agreed not to teach.’

So, we have a cure for weak quads that is resolved in one session but no answer telling the world how this works. I can assure you if I had a magical touch I’d be shouting from the roof tops, hitting the lecture circuit all the while becoming a guru to millions.

Now, before I finish, I am aware of Anatomy Trains, research into scar tissue, stretching of fascia etc, the list goes on and on but as a profession can we be taken seriously when we have a secret weapon to cure tight weak quads by rubbing breast enlargement scars?

What am I missing here?! How can a knee be connected to a breast scar? Please help me to understand or is it as I suspect a specific form of woo practice.


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