Tim Cheshire OSSM Dip Cert MA MSTO

My interest in sports therapy started when I moved to Melbourne, Australia and started to become a serious racing cyclist competing in many races and being trained by an ex-Olympian. As the level of competition increased I started to receive regular massages, either for specific aches or general maintenance and quickly realised the benefits either from a clinical, remedial or sport perspective.

Through this I realised the importance of appropriate treatment techniques, focused on finding and treating the underlying cause to each problem area, and in doing so using a ‘whole body approach’ to speed up recovery and prevent
injury reoccurrence. It was this insight, combined with my wish to be able to help the injured athlete that
further fuelled my desire to become a Sports Therapist.

Upon moving back to the UK I wanted to take my experience further and commenced a BTEC Level 5 at the Oxford School of Sports Massage, under the stewardship of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage, qualifying in 2010.

From the knowledge and experience I have gained through both my sport and professional career, I understand firsthand the desire to return back as safely and quickly as possible, to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport specific fitness after injury.

My passion and commitment for health and fitness, along with my belief in a proactive approach to treatment will ensure that essential high treatment success is achieved. Working together we can get you back on the rapid road to recovery so arrange a consultation for treatment today.

Since qualifying I have worked with a variety of sports clubs including;

Southampton FC, Basingstoke Hockey Club, Basingsoke & Mid Hants Athlectics Club, Overton RFC, Reading FC, English Athletics, GB Fencing, North Hampshire Road Club, Adidas and private individuals.

Provider of Clinical sport and remedial therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Taping & Strapping, First Aid

Sports injury diagnosis
Physical and postural examination
Joint range of movement analysis
Sports & remedial massage

Sports massage works at a much deeper level to cause a positive reaction in the muscles Increasing blood flow and drainage of waste products which can reduce muscle soreness.

Breaks down adhesions within the soft tissues leading to increased muscle flexibility and addresses muscle imbalances via application of advanced stretching techniques.

Manual Techniques used in Sports Massage
Neuromuscular techniques
Muscle Energy Techniques
Soft Tissue Release
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Trigger Point Therapy

Clinics in Basingstoke and Wokingham, also the Sports Therapist for Basingstoke Town Ladies FC


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