Advice on the Cheap

Throughout my time as a qualified soft tissue therapist I have constantly had people want to discuss various aspects of concern. Like the majority of us I am willing to listen, discuss and offer advice where it is appropriate. However, I do not know everything, none of us do. I know a little about a lot of aspects from strength and conditioning, running, cycling through to MSK and podiatry. The problem with this is that I, repeat, know a little about a lot, and because I take time to read various articles that are of interest to me, this does not make me an expert, simply an individual with a broad base of knowledge.

Therefore, I am continually perplexed as to why anyone would think I know about, for example bike fitting, yes I know the basics but would not be able to conduct a full fit. The same goes with strength and conditioning programmes, again from what I have read and learnt but only enough to offer an element of rehabilitation programmes.

In these situations I advise the individual to see a specialist in the respective field, I have enough contacts to enable this to happen and provide suitable details for respected experts in my area;

  • Bike fitting
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Personal trainers
  • Strength and conditioning

The list goes on but what I do find is that the individuals concerned more often than not do not follow up the referral.

Why? My personal thought is that is;

  • Too difficult
  • They do not want to spend the money
  • Are they really as serious as they say

For anyone looking to improve their present situation and train or workout to their optimum ability this takes effort and sometimes money to improve an existing situation.

Please, it is worth spending circa £150 on a bike fit if it improves your comfort and performance, the same with a visit to a physiotherapist circa £60, circa £50 on a strength and conditioning coach, the list goes on but do you not think it important to invest in yourself when you take your respective sport seriously or are you paying lip service or looking to get expert advice on the cheap?


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