A Thank you goes a long way

I have recently had the great fortune to have received mentoring from Nick Knight, Paul Harradine and Alice Grundy as I look to commence my studies as a Podiatry Student. Along the way I have also spoken to many other individuals notably Adrian Wagstaff to garner their opinions and thoughts about becoming a mature student, all of whom have helped me get to this stage in my career.

In order to get accepted into University I had to complete an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Nursing and Healthcare Professions at Basingstoke College of Technology. The tutors were helpful, as you would expect but also offered advice and guidance.

The point is that to each I have said thank you, for their time, information, assistance, guidance etc., they did not have to help but did so and each knows that I have appreciated their input.

This brings me to the crux of this article, we help because generally speaking we like to help others, it’s how we were brought up and it’s how we would want to be treated.

Recently on a cycle club run we had two new potential members who had just moved to the area. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the ride, coffee stop saw different individuals talking to them, generally making them feel welcome, again as we would all want to be treated. On the return leg it transpired that one was a triathlete who needed help with swim training, I took their details so I could send them information to help them assimilate and train and sent an invitation to the club social night.

Now, although this was a small email and did not take me long to provide the information, the point is I did, I did not have to but did as I know what is like moving to a new area, well for me Australia.

Thus far not a word of thanks, now, I did not send the information to be lavished in praise but a thank you would not go amiss.

Part of me thinks why should I bother in future, but we do because as I said, generally we care and do to others as we would want done to us. However, maybe in future I will help those that I know or have built up a relationship with but where does that leave the new face who asks for help or assistance or advice?

You then think back to the times you have provided information etc. and make a decision but the impact of others has an impact on your future thoughts.


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