The Knee: Meniscal Injuries

Knee Meniscal Injuries

The menisci in the knee are a common site of injury and irritation, resulting in pain and loss of function. Tears are common in the meniscus and one approach is to have keyhole surgery to have the tear repaired or removed.   Surgery involves minimal disruption of the cartilage and preservation of the existing cartilage tissue. The evidence suggests a rethinking on the management of meniscal tears. I provide a brief report on my thoughts from clinical experience and the evidence on meniscus injuries and their management. 


A meniscal injury is a very common injury of the knee, usually resulting from an intrinsic or extrinsic component.  A sudden change of direction or a tackle usually when the foot is planted or if you sustain a fall such as in skiing or even an accidental trip or slip can cause disruption to the meniscus.  These types of mechanisms of injury can and are…

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