A pain in the butt… A guest blog by Dr Chris Littlewood

Piriformis syndrome

The Sports Physio

I regularly hear therapists using the diagnosis of ‘Piriformis Syndrome’ to explain to patients their stubborn buttock and sciatic like pains. However, as usual I question this diagnosis, I question its true prevalence, I question the ability of therapists to diagnose it clinically and I really question those who think it needs to be treated by digging elbows, needles or cricket balls into patients backsides!

Piriformis tweet

And I am not alone in questioning this diagnosis, I recently found this good debate on Piriformis Syndrome in which both sides of over or under diagnosis argument are presented and it makes for good reading. I posted this on Twitter a few weeks ago (see above) and following this Dr Chris Littlewood kindly sent me some work he had done on the subject and so I thought I would share it with you.

Regular readers of my blog will know Chris as he kindly…

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