Tendons, lets talk about inflammation… A guest blog by Ben Dean

It’s all about the tendon

The Sports Physio

So following on from the ISTS 2014 conference on tendons in Oxford a few weeks ago, there was lots of talk and debate during and afterwards about the role inflammation does or doesn’t have in tendinopathy. One of these debaters was/is Ben Dean. Now regular readers to The Sports Physio will know Ben very well as he has written two other excellent blogs on the placebo effect here and another on pain here. Today Ben writes about the controversial topic on does inflammation exist in tendinopathy and if so, do we need to consider it, so with out further ado I will hand over to Ben…

Inflammation: a subject of great controversy but it shouldn’t be…

Many of the great controversies in science, and in this case tendon research, see a debate polarised into a ‘you’re either with us or against us’ type bun fight. I shall not be…

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