The Upper Trapezius, over looked, over blamed & misunderstood!

The Upper Traps

The Sports Physio

I often hear therapists explaining to patients how their Upper Trapezius muscles are ‘over active’ and a source of their neck and shoulder pains. I hear them explain how they can feel this muscle is tight, knotted and tense and how they need to reduce this by releasing, loosening and stretching them and that they need to give exercises and movements that reduce Upper Trapezius activity.

Well I think this is the last thing they need and I think this poor muscle is completely misunderstood and too often blamed incorrectly

There is a strong culture within physiotherapy for the upper trapezius to be quickly accused and associated with a lot pains around the neck and shoulder, but in my experience they are rarely the cause, but often the victim.

So all the Upper Trapezius rubbing, pulling, poking, stretching, needling and exercises that try to reduce their activity just is NOT

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