Soft Tissue Sore Spots of an Unknown Origin!

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Soft tissue sore spots are often called Trigger Points, and Trigger Points are often thought as muscle knots. But I question Trigger Points, I question them a lot! I question are they really knots in muscles, if so I question can they be palpated and located accurately and then I question do they have to be treated by the popular and painful practice of applying direct pressure to them or by the insertion of a needle into them, dry or otherwise.

I even question the term ‘Trigger Points’ which I think is a misleading, inaccurate and a potentially fear inducing term, instead I think they should be called and thought of by therapists and patients as ‘Soft Tissue Sore Spots of an Unknown Origin’ or STSSOAUO’s for short.

Trigger point charts: Looks more like an infectious rash!

Now don’t worry I haven’t gone mad, I am of course only joking…

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