Evidence-Based Physiotherapy: A Crisis in Movement

Always worth taking time out to read Roger Kerry’s thoughts

Roger Kerry

Being at the tail-end of a PhD in Evidence-Based Medicine, I recently re-read Trisha Greenhalgh et als’ BMJ Paper Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis (see what I did there?) and now provide a plea for Physiotherapists / Physical Therapists the World over.

We are part of a wonderful profession, and also part of a fast changing world. It seems a good time now to reflect and act upon the past 20 years of growing evidence and information. These are some random reflections on Greenhalgh et als’ paper with Physiotherapy in mind.

Physiotherapists, please read and understand published data, but realise that this data is only meaningful when positioned within the narratives and socio-cultural contexts of our patients and our own experiences. Allow data – if sufficient – to free yourself from traditions and habits. Don’t be swayed by preposterous gadgetry and pretty colours but always look towards…

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