Road to Ultra marathon

I find myself browsing the Internet site and come up with the following conclusion; what must these chaps think of me. Just have a look at the standard of runners, podcasters and bloggers and here is me training my way from zero to 26.2miles plus some more.

January training has gone well, apart the calf strain, this may have happened when I was digging myself out of the muddy hills surrounding Basingstoke, seems to happen every year and then it is onwards and upwards. Hopefully it is anyway.Tim 1

We all know the weather has been, well quite rubbish really, so my training has revolved around trails, road (ravines may be more appropriate) and turbo training on the bike.


The majority of runs have been non eventful apart from the last trail run;

A drive to the outskirts of Basingstoke to run along the canal. A major feat in itself given the possibility of flooding. So I start my run and find that the route has been moved (someone must have fancied having a part of the canal in their garden!) I turn left, dodge the electric animal fence, and find my feet covered by water and mud, hopefuly mud! Turn around run a few miles only to get chased by the ax-men, apparently running near trees they are cutting down is dangerous. Turn around loose a shoe in the mud, now I’m on the high ground but need to get back to the canal. I climb down, put my hand against a tree, it falls over. These, I think the term is, experience, toughening up, I just thought it’s Friday and it’s beer time!

The driest part of the run (must take my camera out next time)


After all the trials and tribulations I am on track for the John Austin Half with a much better emphasis on base mileage, as this is a long term challenge. What I have found is that a training block of 3 days works well for me with the 4th day being strength and conditioning and additional stretching, this way I find I do not overload the body.

Any thoughts if this could be improved on?

My statistics for January are;

10 runs with a total of 56miles, the average speed is 9.30mins/mile but does vary significantly, the trail conditions making for some slow times.The mileage increases significantly in February as I head towards the half marathon and then onwards and upwards

Bike – 11 sessions total mileage 254

You might think I should be running more but I still want to ride my bike.

I am not sponsored by any of the following but do use their products as I find they have helped me over the past few years on the bike but I am open to new ideas that will help improve performance

  • Cliff Bar
  • Zip Vit gel
  • Vantage Sports Nutrition Protein
  • Skins
  • Sporttape

Until the next update happy running one and all.


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