Advantages of using a treadmill




The wind is howling, the rain is falling and maybe turning to snow. Are you really going to venture through your front door and into the miserable weather? Unless you are an absolute fanatic you are going to stay huddled in front of your fireplace. In situations like that, a treadmill is the perfect answer. You can perform any of your training runs in the safety and comfort of your own home or at your gym.


Accuracy in pace training


The success of pace training depends on whether running repetitious, tension and relaxation, are in precisely predetermined speed and distance.
When you do pace training on the treadmill, you can adjust the speed and thus ensure that throughout your workout you are running in the same speed. The treadmill does not allow you to slow down or accelerate; it keeps your speed at a steady level. This forces you to keep the desired pace throughout the training.


Steady pace


Once you start getting tired while running you slow down. But you do not realise you’ve slowed down because you feel you have the same intensity and physical effort. In other words, you continue to believe that you are running on your desired pace. The treadmill will force you to keep the pace you had planned for your training. The only way to slow or reduce your pace is to deliberately reduce the speed of the treadmill.


Easy Runs


You cannot run continuously at maximum intensity. Your muscles need time for rest and recovery. Without resting intervals, you will not be able to complete your hard training program and therefore you will not improve. Running in low intensity is necessary to relax the muscles from the hard, intensive and long-term training. It may be very difficult to run at a relaxing pace and give your muscles the time needed to recover. This pace can prove too slow and that is why many runners have a tendency to run loose running at a very fast pace.


Hill Training


Hill training is one of the best and more efficient methods of training to build power and improve your running performance. The problem is that many runners live in areas with few hills. What you can do then where there are no hills around? Climb the treadmill. Most treadmills have slopes from 1-12%.


treadmillSpeed Work / Interval Training


Successful interval training depends upon running the repeats at a fairly precise speed and at a precise distance. When doing interval training on a treadmill, you can set the pace and be assured that you are running at that speed throughout the repeat. The treadmill does not allow you to slow down or speed up. It forces you to maintain your target pace throughout the repeat or session.


Accident Prevention / Recovery


Running on a daily basis into concrete pavements or road creates stress to your joints. This may create overuse injuries. Treadmills manufactured today are based on high standards to provide a stable running surface, but also friendly to the runner.


Excellent tool for beginners


The treadmill is ideal for beginners and runners but is also a good choice for a novice to start running.
 Most new runners start with walking. The treadmill is a great tool because it incorporates these first steps in a training program.


Variety of Training Sessions


Treadmill workouts have an unlimited number of possible combinations of speed, distance and incline. You are able to design a run that will provide you with the exact training that you desire. There is no outside training area that can give you everything you want in a session Only the treadmill gives you this kind of flexibility. This is an advantage to runners of all abilities from a novice to an elite runner.




The treadmill remains an ideal exercise mode for people using the for general cardiovascular fitness or weight loss. It offers all of the advantages of outdoor running while providing a safer and more shock resistant environment (thus less chance for injury), and access to fluids to prevent dehydration. You can also easily gauge and control the number of calories you are burning on the treadmill.


When your goal is good health, fitness and weight loss, then running on the treadmill is no disadvantage. When you burn a calorie on the treadmill is the same as a calorie your burn in any other activity. Your cardiovascular ability is improved at the same pace regardless if you are running on the treadmill, outside in the street or in the arena.


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