A runner! Are you serious

The title above just about sums me up, me being Tim Cheshire. I am a cyclist, road, mountain, fixed I am all things two wheeled, I am all about style and panache, I like the way bikes look, the history, the riders.

So, why am I writing on www.i-run.co.uk about running?

It all started in 2013 and a need to scratch an itch, I entered the Reading Half Marathon, trained, got injured, recovered and ran in a time of 1hour 55minutes, could I have gone faster? Maybe, but it was wet, windy and cold and given it was my first attempt at this distance I did not want to walk the course.

Where next, mmm, the half was not too bad, let’s go for a marathon. That would be the Milton Keynes Marathon, nice and flat (we will not discuss the many inclines and declines) although I knew the scenery would not be up to much, did not even see the concrete cows!

In comparison to Reading in March, Milton Keynes in May was boiling hot. I finished in a time of 4hours 30minutes, never again I muttered to one of the volunteers (they laughed), although starting to increase my tempo at 2 miles from the finish was a mistake, I thought there was a mile to go! I’ve discovered the crowds get bigger towards the end so I could not let up, rookie mistake! Also where was the ‘runger’?


I’m on a roll now, running wise, so I entered the Basingstoke Half in October, home course. I know the route from biking, it’s hilly, but dare I say it, not as bad as I thought, a time of 1hour 49minutes, must break 1hour 45minutes.


So, that’s a brief overview of 2013, you still might think why am I writing on www.i-run.co.uk, well I have been persuaded to run an ultra marathon in 2014. This is where the blog comes into it’s own.
I have never ran off road, I got bored running a marathon, although I quite like eating and a beer or wine will never go a miss, running allows this!

As you can see from the photographs I also appear to have one running kit, there is no picture from Reading, it was too cold, but I did have the same kit on!

I now have trail runners thanks to Alton Sports and will be hitting the byways, bridleways and footpaths of Basingstoke as I am training for the John Austin Half Marathon in the New Forest on March 9th. There is no planned marathon, I like to go one step at a time but I have my eye on an Ultra run in September, along the South Downs.
I have a training plan, completed my first Park Run, speed effort so I am told, apparently I am a veteran!
So that’s about it for now, you have some background and I’ll be updating you with the training, maybe some pictures, maybe even a different running outfit!

Cheers and Happy Running



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